bucket list item buy property in a foreign country
Courtesy of Ronaldo de Oliveira

30 Before 30 Bucket List

Today I was reading a post in the Solo Female Traveler Network on Facebook that said “Anyone else doing 30 before 30?” I assumed the post meant 30 countries before turning 30 since it’s a travel group but I looked up “30 before 30 meaning” anyway. All these different bucket list articles came up—some listing things I don’t relate to and others covering things I’ve already done.

Since I just turned 26 and that fateful day when I turn 30 is only four years away, I’m whipping up my own 30 before 30.

1. Spear my first fish

bucket list item spear first fish
Courtesy of Amy Humphries

2. Buy property in a foreign country

bucket list item buy property in a foreign country
Courtesy of Ronaldo de Oliveira

3. Travel without an end date

bucket list item travel without an return date
Courtesy of Slava Bowman

4. Dive with orcas in the Arctic

bucket list item swim with orcas

5. Learn to trill my Rs

bucket list item learn to trill my rs
Courtesy of Shubhankar Sharma

6. Live and travel in a van

bucket list item travel live in a van
Courtesy of Kevin Schmid

7. Do a pull up

8. Find a man I want to be with long term

9. Live in Australia or New Zealand for a year on a Working Holiday Visa

bucket list item live in australia or new zealand
Courtest of Stephy Miehle

10. Read Atlas Shrugged 

11. Work remote full-time

12. Do a perfect handstand press

13. Ride in a hot air balloon in one of the iconic locations like Myanmar, Cappadocia or Egypt

bucketlist item cappadocia hot air balloon ride
Courtesy of Mar Cerdeira

14. Hike Machu Picchu

bucket list item hike machu picchu
Courtesy of Scott Umstattd

15. Start my own business, even if it’s just earning $10 from this blog

bucket list item start my own business
Courtesy of Brooke Lark

16. Go on an African safari

bucket list item african safari
Courtesy of David Clode

17. Dive the Blue Hole in Dahab, Egypt

18. Take a trip with my dad

19. Take a trip with my sister

bucket list item take a trip with my sister
Courtesy of Tianshu Liu

20. Surf and safari in Sri Lanka

elephant safari sri lanka bucket list item
Courtesy of Rajiv Perera

21. Smash a bottle on the edge of a bar like Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore

22. Write a book

23. Learn photography and photo editing

bucket list item learn photography and photo editing
Courtesy of Markus Spiske

24. Travel through Patagonia

bucket list item travel patagonia
Courtesy of Wolf Schram

25. Work as a yoga teacher in another country

bucket list item teach yoga in a foreign country
Courtesy of Mikita Karasiou

26. Explore Egypt

bucket list item see temples egypt
Courtesy of Ali Hegazy

27. Learn how to cook at least three fancy dishes

bucket list item learn to cook fancy meals
Courtesy of Carissa Gan

28. Go completely offline for a week

29. Learn to sleep and be comfortable without A/C

bucket list item learn to sleep without air conditioning
Courtesy of Sahin Yesilyaprak

30. Find balance in living in the present and preparing for the future

bucket list item find balance
Courtesy of Sebastien Gabriel

There you have it!

I realize that my list isn’t very deep and mainly has to do with traveling and hobbies, but that’s just what came to mind as I quickly whipped it up! As I wrote it, I tried to come up with more meaningful things that have to do with helping the world or family but nothing specific enough for the list came to mind.

Everyone says your 20s are for being selfish. This list definitely reflects that with a lot of international travel and questionable activities, but I’m confident plenty of opportunities to add value to other people’s lives will naturally pop up by following my heart and dreams.

Make Your Own Bucket List

If you have never made your own 30 before 30 or any kind of bucket list, I strongly encourage you to do so. It’s fun to dream big and meet your goals or live your adventures!



Now that I’ve shared my dreams with you, what’s on your 30 before 30 bucket list? Are there any items on my list that are on yours or that you would never do? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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