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Hi there! I'm Tara.

Originally from Sarasota, Florida, I started traveling the moment I moved out, with my first college semester abroad in Panamá. Since that first experience living outside the country, I've grown into an adventurous world traveler that has experienced things I never dreamed possible. Traveling solo to Australia to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef, exploring Masada in Israel and surfing in a small town in Ireland—I've had too many moments that were a dream come true to count.

All my travels built my self confidence and showed me that I don't need much to be happy and thrive in this life. It's not what I pack in my bag or what kind of car I have waiting at home that gives me fulfillment, but the experiences and special relationships built along the way.


I soon realized that the less I bought, the more money I had for things I valued, like international flights. And the less I owned, the less stress and responsibility I felt for objects that were just collecting dust. Eventually, I realized this trendy mindset is known as "minimalism" and I was amazed at how late I was to the game!

I figured if traveling and getting rid of stuff makes me so happy, it must make others happy, too! So, I did what every millennial with a message does—start a blog. And so, She Needs Less was born out of wanting a place to share my travels and unfolding journey into minimalism.

Welcome to the journey!

Less stuff, less stress and less BS!

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