About Tara

Hi there! I'm Tara, the author of She Needs Less, and my aim is to live a life with less stuff, less stress and less BS!

Ever since I visited Panamá for spring break in 2011, I've been determined to explore the world. I studied abroad in Panamá and South Korea during college and once I got my Bachelors in 2015, my plan was to take time off and travel until my savings ran out.

Life has a funny way of completely disregarding your plans and I found myself working for a progressive startup directly after graduation. Travel is in my DNA and though I was unsure joining the workforce was the right decision, I didn't let a full-time job keep me from my dreams.

Over four years and two different full-time jobs, I managed to visit 15 countries over 10 trips, become a certified yoga teacher, buy a house and advance my career in content marketing. Through savvy use of vacation time, working remote, saving and living a minimalist lifestyle, I've been able to travel the world on a budget with just a carry-on bag while accomplishing other life goals.

Why She Needs Less

She Needs Less is a minimalist travel and lifestyle blog where I show you how to travel the world affordably and light, live a minimalist lifestyle and step out of your comfort zone. My hope is that my experiences with things like travel, minimalism, yoga and freediving encourage you to face your fears and experience life's many adventures!

She Needs Less serves as a reminder to work with what you’ve got to live your dreams. So often in life we put off accomplishing our dreams or pursuing something great until it's the "right time". Or because we believe "until I have X, I can't do Y".

The mantra on She Needs Less is: "I already have everything I need."

You already have everything you need to succeed, face your fears or travel the world. You don’t need fancy travel gear, a partner and millions of dollars in the bank.

So pack your bags, travel solo on a shoe string budget and skip buying the latest gadget everyone says you need!


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