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She Needs Less is a simple living blog with a focus on travel and wellness.

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Hey there! I’m Tara Caguiat.

To me, simple living and minimalism is not about decluttering and owning less. It’s about living with purpose and aligning your thoughts, and how you spend your time and money, with that purpose.

For me, it’s always been about travel. From the time I graduated high school, it’s all I wanted to do. Sure I wanted to “find my passion” and build a career, but all that felt pretty worthless if I didn’t get to travel the world. I didn’t want to put travel off for after graduation, or 2 weeks vacation per year or retirement like “everyone” says to. 

Fortunately, I was able to work travel into my college experience with affordable study abroad programs in Panama (first semester of college) and South Korea (last semester).

Living abroad and experiencing true adventure gave me a sense of independence and wonder that I couldn’t get enough of. 


It also sparked my interest in minimalism and simple living because I realized how little the stuff I own contributes to my happiness and fulfillment.

Having the time of my life living out of a suitcase for months or traveling with nothing more than a backpack completely changed my perspective on what I need to live a happy, meaningful life. 

Ever since this little realization, I’ve focused my time and money on meaningful experiences and travel, rather than having the nicest car or $300 haircuts, or daily Starbucks.

Simplifying your life frees up your time, mind and money for what actually matters to you. Whether that’s travel, more time with your family, starting a business or investing in yourself.  

And that’s why I started She Needs Less: to inspire you along the way.

More about me

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I'm a full-time copywriter and certified yoga instructor


I love anything in the water, especially diving and kiteboarding


I have an orange cat named Mango


I've visited more than 25 countries


My guilty pleasure is taking long showers


My favorite cocktail is a Naked & Famous


I'm a libertarian and advocate of the free market

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