She Needs Less is where I show you how to live a simpler life so you can do more of what makes you feel truly alive, instead of wasting your money and time on items that just collect dust.

Hey there, I’m Tara

All my travels built my self confidence and showed me that I don’t need much to be happy and thrive in this life. It’s not what I pack in my bag or what kind of car I have waiting at home that gives me fulfillment, but the experiences and special relationships built along the way.

I soon realized that the less I bought, the more money I had for things I valued, like international flights. And the less I owned, the less stress and responsibility I felt for objects that were just collecting dust. Eventually, I realized this trendy mindset is known as “minimalism” and I was amazed at how late I was to the game!
I figured if traveling and getting rid of stuff makes me so happy, it must make others happy, too! So, I did what every millennial with a message does—start a blog. And so, She Needs Less was born out of wanting a place to share my travels and unfolding journey into minimalism.
Welcome to the journey!

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