The Beginning of She Needs Less

by | Feb 20, 2017 | 6 comments

Blogging Is Scary

I originally decided to start a blog after reading Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project. I was so inspired by her book that I was determined to do my own Happiness Project and share it with the world; hence the creation of She Needs Less.

The more I thought about creating a blog for my happiness project, the more excited I became to have an online space of my very own- to share my thoughts, dreams, travels, yoga and lifestyle of trying to focus on people and experiences, not stuff. Of course life is busy and when you are not paying attention, it passes right before your eyes. I thought giving myself 4 months to create a website, lay out a happiness project and make it all pretty was enough; I was very wrong.

After the initial setup, I became extremely stressed out. Every time I would sit down after work to write a post about my travels, or what it’s like studying abroad, nothing would come out right. I realized writing is really hard and I basically gave up. This stupid blog that I hardly even started was such a source of stress for me I just avoided it and threw my happiness project out with it. The date I wanted to set it live, January 1st, 2017, came and went.

Riding the High

Here I am, February 20th, finally writing a post I’m forcing myself to publish. I’m one of those people that will read an inspirational book and let it change my life – for like a month. I’ll tell everyone I know about how it’s inspired me to live better, given me a new outlook on life and how they must read it! That’s what’s happening right now. I’m currently reading Rachel Brathen’s book, Yoga Girl, and I am on a serious determination/inspiration high. In the book Rachel talks about how if something doesn’t scare you, it’s not worth doing.

A few years ago back in college I hit a point where I was so fed up with being so afraid of life (things like being afraid to talk to a guy I thought was cute all the way to fear of ending up alone and death), that I told myself if something scares me, I am going to force myself to do it – and I did just that. This little game I played with myself really changed my life. To this day (with some exceptions) if I want to do something, I just make myself do it. This has manifested itself in tiny ways, like giving a guy I like my number, and life-changing ways like hopping on a plane to South Korea for a semester abroad.

I still feel agonizing fear that I’m going to die every time I decide to leave the country, but when I arrive home safe and sound I feel empowered for overcoming my fear and hungry for a new adventure. Caring way too much is why I avoided this blog. I care too much what people think of me and I got it in my head that no one wants to know what I have to say and people will just think my blog is stupid.

So before I lose my face-my-fears high, I’m writing and posting this because I know I am my own worst critic and I will be thankful for the outcome of overcoming this tiny little fear.

I like to travel, do yoga, work in marketing/sales, build relationships and find ways to convince myself to get rid of things I don’t need. So if you decide to ‘follow’ my blog or occasionally read a post, you can expect posts on those topics to come… and plenty of pictures of my cat. Overall, I want a place to be vulnerable, share my experiences and encourage others that can relate!




  1. Carly

    Love your openess and zest for life. Looking forward to your posts!

    • Tara

      Thanks for the feedback girl! <3

  2. Marge

    Tara, I love this! Keep going girl… you are amazing!


      Thanks Aunt Marge, glad you enjoy it. Love you!

  3. Micah Krimetz

    Love reading your thoughts in written form. It helps me to understand you all different.


      Thanks Micah moo <3


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