This carry-on packing list came from my September 2018 trip to Europe and Israel. I spent three weeks in Ireland, Israel and Hungary and I was determined to only bring one carry-on plus my laptop bag. Ireland was going to be between 50-60°F and Israel hot and humid. I managed to pack everything I wanted and needed into one carry-on bag without really sacrificing much.

This carry-on packing list is perfect if you want to avoid baggage fees, travel light or if you are having a hard time figuring out how to pack for two types of weather. After reading this packing list, you’ll be packing like a minimalist in no time!

Carry-On Packing List for Hot & Cold Weather

So now it’s time to start packing. Before you dive in, read through these helpful tips:

  • Only pack clothes you love and enjoy wearing.
  • Only bring something if you will definitely wear it 3+ times.
  • Pack all versatile items that can be mixed and matched.
  • Don’t stress the first time around laying out your items for packing. Just lay it all out and cut down later.
  • Choose your carry-on bag first and stick to only bringing what fits inside (reasonably fits inside people).
  • GET PACKING CUBES and then roll each item of clothing before placing inside.
  • Don’t just try packing minimally, be a minimalist packer. Your new identity chant inside your head is: “I am a minimalist packer. I travel light and in turn, I shine brighter than with a heavy bag of ‘just incases’.” 😉

Cheesing in front of Makhtesh Ramon in the Negev Desert, Israel

Clothes to Pack for Hot & Cold Weather

  • 1 chambray shirt – These are so so so versatile! They can look dressy, go over a tank or you could wear it hiking or something! Just get one.
  • 2 long-sleeve shirts – 1 black and 1 burnt orange
  • 2 tank tops – 1 turquoise spaghetti strap, 1 short tank with “dream & discover” on it
  • 2 short-sleeve shirts – 1 striped crop top, 1 white shirt with floral print
  • 1 black coat medium weight
  • 1 pair jeans
  • 2 pairs leggings – 1 black pair, 1 dark blue…but they’re like, nice leggings.
  • 1 pair high-waisted shorts
  • 1 dressy black romper
  • 1 bikini
  • 1 very thin tank top for sleeping (but works for outings, too)
  • 1 very thin and loose long-sleeve shirt for sleeping (but works for outings, too)
  • 1 pair pajama shorts (If you will be in all private rooms (e.g. not hostel dorms) I’d skip this)
  • 40 pairs underwear (I know I’m crazy, but I don’t like doing laundry if I don’t have to and I wear one pair during the day and one pair for sleep)
  • 3 bras – 1 black bra and 2 bralets
  • 7 socks

Colder Weather? No Problem.

If you’re facing colder weather than 50-60°F, simply switch out the medium-weight coat for a heavy coat and the chambray shirt for a warm sweater you can layer. You’re already set with long-sleeve shirts, so as long as one of your shoes is a versatile boot, you’re good to go!


Feeding goats and sheep at the Lios on Slea Head Drive was amazing!

Shoes to Pack on Hot & Cold Weather Trip

1 pair black knee-high boots

1 pair rubber flip flops

1 pair black flats


Dinner at Fishy Fishy for my mom’s birthday in Kinsale, Ireland

Accessories to Pack

Scarf – floral print to add a little pop to whatever I’m wearing

4 pairs earrings

Two mala bracelets

1 ring

1 pair cheap sunglasses

Standing on a beautiful hill/graveyard in Strandhill, Ireland

Toiletries to Pack

Toiletry bag

4 oz. Shampoo

4 oz. Conditioner


2 oz. Clinique Foaming Face Wash


Tube mascara

Small jar of foundation powder

Small jar of bronzer powder

1 oz. Clinique Even Better liquid concealer

Travel-size tooth paste

Tooth brush

Cotton headband


Appreciating the awesome landscape art in Hod Hasharon, Israel on Yom Kippur (there are no cars on the road during the tradition).

Electronics & Miscellaneous

Laptop charger

iPhone charger

Universal adapter




Hair straightener inside cloth case

Travel lock


Eagle Creek Backpack

Backpacks & Bags for Hot & Cold Weather Trip

Eagle Creek backpack

Mesh packing cubes

Compact day pack

Black purse

Laptop bag* – this is seriously the sleekest, most compact laptop case I’ve ever seen. The side pocket has room to fit my MacBook charger, iPhone charger and headphones.

Would I Pack Anything Differently After the Trip?

As you can see in the photos, I rarely wore my boots. It turned out the weather in Ireland wasn’t nearly as cold as I expected, so I’m glad I brought a versatile pair of flats that were comfortable. The boots were worn, just mainly in transit and at night when temperatures were lower. Other than that, I wore everything over and over again.

Happy packing!



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Do you have any packing tips or tricks that always get you by? I’m always trying to improve my minimalist packing game, so lets connect in the comment section below!