6 Benefits of Traveling Solo

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Solo travel often gets a bad rap. Just tell a few friends or family members you are traveling solo and it won’t be long before someone spouts off how unsafe the world is and that you’re crazy to think solo travel is a good idea. If you’ve never been on a solo trip before, it’s hard to imagine why so many people opt to travel alone these days, but travel becomes a lot easier when you take another person’s wants and needs out of the equation.

Whether you’re tired of waiting on friends to take a trip with you, had a bad experience with travel mates or want a healthy dose of adventure, these six benefits of solo travel will encourage you to book that flight!

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1. You Get to Be Selfish When You Travel Solo

When traveling solo, you can do whatever you want without having to hear anyone complain about it. No going back and forth on how to spend the day or feeling guilty about spending extra time somewhere. No judging eyes when you eat three coconut popsicles in the same day. Just you and whatever you’re feeling at the moment. Spend the whole trip getting scuba certified, wandering museums or snuggling in a hammock with a good book—the choice is all yours.

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2. Traveling Solo Means You’re Never in a Rush

Nothing ruins a trip more than rushing to keep up with a travel mate or constantly waiting for them to get ready. Solo travel means you’re never in a rush to get anywhere because no one’s waiting on you. “What,” “when” and “how” is on your own time. Navigating a new place and getting lost isn’t stressful when your clock is your own, just like missing a few “must-see” sights to sleep in isn’t the end of the world.

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3. You Do Things You Wouldn’t Do if You Had a Travel Buddy

Make your own itinerary and then throw it out the window!

Solo travel opens up unlimited opportunities to change plans because you never have to consult with someone. You’ll meet friends at the hostel bar that will invite you for dinner, get the inside scoop from locals on the best dance clubs and hear of off-the-beaten-path attractions at the last minute.

Imagine you’ve had a long day and you’re exhausted and cranky—all you want is to eat and relax. As you wander the streets in search of a place to eat, you come across a spa and think how nice it would be to get a massage. With a travel partner, you have to consult about how your day should be spent, the daily budget and more—but not when you’re traveling solo. On a solo trip, you’d be on that massage table within five minutes!

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4. You Make More Friends When Traveling Alone

When traveling solo, you are rarely alone. Making friends is so much easier when you travel solo because other travelers are much more likely to come up to you when you’re alone. There’s something about looking foreign and alone that just makes people want to talk to you or befriend you. You can join pub crawls and walking tours to make friends or stay in a social hostel and mingle right outside your door.

Plus, no one for hundreds of miles knows a thing about you. You can act the way you’ve always wanted without fear of being judged and recreate yourself!

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5. You Get to Know Yourself

Perhaps the most profound perk of solo travel is the time you get with yourself. With no one to talk to at all hours of the day, you are forced to really take in your surroundings and listen to your thoughts—especially if you stay off your phone. Aside from moments spent with friends made along the way, you alone hold the memories of your trip. Being able to share memories with another person is beautiful, but there’s something extra special about looking back at moments you felt on top of the world by yourself. Plus, time spent traveling alone might even make you a better person.

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6. You Feel Confident & Independent

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of independence you get during a solo trip to a new place. Once you land at the airport and find your way to your accommodations, you get this feeling like, “Daaaamn, I’m a real badass.” For the most part, you’ll overcome every obstacle you encounter while traveling completely on your own. Tasks as simple as finding your way to a hidden beach, forcing yourself to be social and eating alone all become little accomplishments that leave you feeling confident you can take on whatever the world throws your way.

Drink rosé for breakfast, stay out until the sun comes up and try that extreme sport—it’s your trip!



Where is your favorite place to travel solo? What are your favorite aspects of solo travel? Let’s hear it in the comment section below!


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